Why Did Michelle Vogler Fall in Love with her Therapist Guy Yeadon?

Michelle Vogler was an addict for over a decade. She got counseling and help from Guy Yeadon. In Austin, TX, Guy Yeadon is a well-respected counselor who has helped hundreds of people kick their addictions. But Michelle fell in love with Guy, and now her husband is trying to ruin Guy’s reputation with lies.

Kirby Vogler of Champion Contractors & Services – Commercial, LLC, evidently got so mad that he blamed the therapist. He took out his anger by creating a website using the therapist’s name Guy Yeadon and writing lies about him on the website. Maybe it wouldn’t have gotten this far if Michelle had taken responsibility for falling in love with her therapist. But now Kirby Vogler is trying to ruin Guy Yeadon’s credibility instead of getting help for his marriage.

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