What is the Big I?

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The Big I is your true nature. It’s who you are at your core devoid of all the false attachments our ego likes to tell us to define who we really are, but deep down we all know that is an illusion. Who you really are is your Big I. It’s what the Hindus call Atman. Buddhists call Buddha-nature and Christians call the Christ within. In short, you aren’t the voice in your head you’re the one who hears it. You are the eternal observer that drop of the divine that exists within each of us and connects us into our universal consciousness, as Eckhart Tolle states it is the great formless potentiality of consciousness.

What are little I’s and why are there so many of them?

Little i’s are all the false identifications our ego makes to define who we are. We are made up of an unlimited number of little i’s. These may include things like being a college graduate, being someone in recovery, being a member of the right church, being an athlete, a successful businessman. All these false identifications are part of a false program of happiness that at some point we began to tell ourselves we needed to achieve to be happy. They are all an illusion based upon a transitory reality. Little I’s take all shapes and sizes and certainly, some of them are more important than others. For example, service work at the Rotary Club may hold more weight for you than taking piano lessons when you were younger, but both play a role in the story your ego tells you about who you are. Recognizing the I’s and being able to identify them helps us uncover the false program for happiness we have been telling ourselves we need to achieve. Just simply recognizing and identifying the pattern of behavior brings it into the light and minimizes its impact.

Daily Challenge

Make a list of all the major little i’s that play a role in your life. What story are they trying to tell you about what your ego believes you need to be happy? What false programs for happiness do you carry with you? I would love your feedback in the comments below.

Peace and love,
The Meditation Guy